Sunday, January 8, 2012

KCYM State Annual Senate Concludes

The 34th KCYM state annual senate concluded at Kochi with the election of office bearers for the 2012 activity year. The senate that began on January 5, 2011, discussed various relevant socio-political issues prevalent in the state and nation.
In the senate that spanned for four days about 200 youth leaders from 30 catholic dioceses in Kerala participated and discussed various topics.

During the senate, the dioceses participated presented the reports of their activities which were applauded by the senate members. Later on, the annual report and annual accounts of the KCYM state committee was presented by Godfrey Henry, KCYM state general secretary and Vinod KJ, KCYM State Treasurer. Following the reporting session various resolutions were presented and a discussion on organizational activities were held. Later the senate concluded with the election of office bearers for the activity year 2011. 

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