Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesus Is the Solid Rock upon Which to Build Our Lives – Pope Benedict XVI

At midday today, Benedict XVI appeared at the window of his study to pray the Angelus with faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square below.

“This Sunday's Gospel reading”, he said, “presents the conclusion to the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ in which the Lord Jesus, using the parable of the two houses, one built on rock and the other on sand, invites the disciples to listen to His words and put them into practice.”

“Jesus is the living Parable of God. In all times and places, those who have the grace of knowing Jesus remain fascinated by Him, recognizing that he reveals the true face of God, at the same time revealing us to ourselves showing us the solid foundation upon which to build our lives.”

“Yet often”, the Holy Father added, “man does not build his actions and his life on this identity, preferring the sands of power, of success and of money, thinking that there he will find stability and the response to the irrepressible demand for happiness and fulfillment he carries in his soul. And we”, the Pope asked, “upon what do we wish to build our lives? Who can truly respond to the disquiet of the human heart? Christ is the rock of our lives! He is the eternal and definitive word who ensures we do not fear adversity, difficulty and discomfort.”

“May the Word of God permeate all our life, thoughts and actions”, the Pope concluded, exhorting everyone “to make space for the Word of God every day” because it helps “to protect us from superficial activism, which may fill a moment of pride but which in the end leaves us empty and dissatisfied.”

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