Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth Should Respond According to the Needs of the Society: Bp. Joseph Pandaraserril

The youth in the society should be able to react when some issues or problems arise in the society in which they live, said Bp. Joseph Pandaraserril, Chairman of KCBC Commission for youth while inaugurating the swearing in ceremony of the KCYM office bearers for the activity year 2011. The dream of making India a bright and prosperous country can only be fulfilled if the youth become the voice of the poor and the suppressed, said Bishop.

The meeting in which more than 40 youth representatives took part was held on 2011 January 30 at the KCYM State Committee Office in Ernakulam. The action plan for the activity year 2011, with the theme ‘Catholic Youth for Universal Brotherhood’, was drafted in the meeting. The main highlight of the meeting was the decision to begin a state wide campaign and various other activities against the increasing alcoholism in the state.

Former KCYM state president Deepak Cherkkott, State General Secretary, State director Fr. Jaison Kollannur and Asst. director Sr. Ancy Antony addressed the gathering in the meeting in which State President Aji Daniel Presided.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spanish Leaders Provide Visas, Security for Youth Day

Redemptorists Plan Preparatory Meeting on Music

The Spanish authorities have agreed to issue free visas to pilgrims traveling to Madrid for World Youth Day, and to contribute the services of 6,000 security forces.

These were some conclusions of a meeting last week between Ramón Jáuregui, minister of the Presidency of Spain, and youth day organizers, including Alberto Gasbarri, coordinator of Papal trips outside Italy.

Some 240,000 young people from all over the world have already registered for the Aug. 16-21 youth day, 23,000 of whom are from outside the European Union (and therefore requiring special visas), with large groups from Latin America and Africa.

The government representative pledged to issue free visas to pilgrims, following the usual processing requirements.

As well, Jáuregui promised the support of 6,000 troops of the State Security Corps and Forces.

Although the state leaders will not contribute financially to the event, they have collaborated in facilitating the venues and infrastructure.

Challenge and urgency

As another part of the preparations for the event, the Redemptorists are organizing a gathering regarding music, art and liturgy, with the aim of giving greater impetus to these aspects of the youth day.

The Redemptorists have been holding these annual "Emauli" Encounters on Music, Art and Liturgy since 2008, but this year's event, which will take place Feb. 18-20 in Madrid, has special significance due to the upcoming World Youth Day.

They expressed the hope that this gathering will help people to prepare for the August youth day, which will be "an ecclesial event of the first order and an impressive opportunity for young people to discover the joy of being Christians and of living it in community."

For the Redemptorist missionaries, young people are "a challenge and, at the same time, an urgency."

A communiqué explained that youth are "a challenge because in them the expression of the Gospel is spontaneous and revealing of a new way of Christian life."

It added that they are also "an urgency because young people are abandoned by the pastoral activity of many Christian communities and they need space to reflect, to coexist and to pray."

The communiqué affirmed, "That is why the Redemptorist communities of Spain always have their doors open to young people."

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Paul II Named World Youth Day Patron

"Cardinal to Young People: It Is Worthwhile"

A standing ovation greeted the news that Pope John Paul II has been named a patron of the next World Youth Day, which will take place Aug. 16-21 in Madrid.

Cardinal Stanisław Ryłko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, the Vatican dicastery in charge of World Youth Days, made this announcement on Friday to a group of over 230 delegates gathered in Madrid for the organization of the forthcoming event.

The announcement came shortly after the Vatican communiqué that John Paul II, who initiated the first youth days during his pontificate, will be beatified on May 1 by Benedict XVI.

The cardinal recalled how Karol Wojtyla regarded himself as a "friend of young people" and said he was very happy "to be able to communicate the news during this meeting of delegates."

The delegates, representing 84 countries and 57 ecclesial realities worldwide, held a four-day organizational meeting that ended Saturday outside Madrid.

Cardinal Ryłko presided over the meeting along with Archbishop Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid.

Auxiliary Bishop César Franco of Madrid, general coordinator of the 2011 World Youth Day, explained that John Paul II is added to the list of other patrons for the event: St. Isidore the Worker, St. Francis Xavier, St. John of the Cross, St. John of Avila, St. Rose of Lima and St. Rafael Arnaiz.

Decisive stage

Cardinal Ryłko, in a press conference about last week's gathering, stated that they are in "a decisive stage in the itinerary of spiritual, organizational and logistical preparation of Madrid's 2011 World Youth Day."

Later, to a group of volunteers, he stated, "It will be very important for many young people coming from all corners of the world to see your capacity for hospitality, your spirit of sacrifice during World Youth Day, at times in hidden tasks, but not because of that less important."

The cardinal added, "Don't say to your friends, 'You must come to World Youth Day,' but 'It is worthwhile!'"

Cardinal Rouco Varela noted the "lively, agile and dynamic" nature of the meeting, where delegates were given "firsthand information on their needs and expectations."

The meeting participants were given information on the various aspects of the event's organization: housing, maintenance, transportation, registration, visas and volunteer work.

They also visited the main venues for the event ceremonies: the Cuatro Vientos airfield, and the surroundings of Cibeles Square.

Barbara Koorbanally, a South African representative, mentioned several initiatives of the young people of her country in preparation for the event. For example, she noted that a replica of the World Youth Day Cross -- which has been going across Spain since September of 2009 -- is being taken throughout South Africa to prepare young people for the event in Madrid.

Tiago Oliveira, a delegate from Brazil, pointed out that young Brazilians "see in Spain a sister country, so they are very excited." Some 20,000 young people from this country are expected to attend the event.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pope Calls On Young People to Drive Carefully

 At the end of today's general audience the Holy Father greeted members of the Italian association "Figli in paradiso: ali tra cielo e terra" (Children in paradise: wings between heaven and earth) which brings together members of families in which children have died. "Do not let yourselves be overcome with desolation and despair", the Pope said. "Rather, transform your suffering into hope, as Mary did at the foot of the cross".

He also encouraged young people "to calculate risks and to act at all times with prudence and a sense of responsibility, especially when driving a motor vehicle, in order to protect your own lives and those of others". Addressing the priests who spiritually accompany the bereaved families, Benedict XVI encouraged them to continue their generous service, giving assurances of his prayers "for all young people who have lost their lives".

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Youth Activ8 Launches National Campaign

The youth activ8 foundation has launched a national campaign, focusing on combating alcoholism and suicides among the younger generation during one of its initial visits to Kerala.

The Jago Yuva Bharat (awaken young India) campaign was in Kerala since Jan. 13 and proceeded toward Tamil Nadu today.

“We highlighted the problems affecting youth like alcoholism, violence, corruption and suicides in Kerala,” Jomon Thomas Vellapally, one of the participants, told

He said Kerala tops in consumption of alcohol and suicide.

Joyce Mary Antony, General Secretary of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement said, “the campaign evoked a good response from the youth.”

Bp. Vincent Samuel of Neyyattinkara Latin diocese, who welcomed the team, said, “I hope the journey will awaken the youth in the country for fulfilling the mission of the church.”

Fr. Jaison Kollannur, director of Kerala Catholic Youth Movement, said the journey aims to promote peace, respect for human rights and solidarity among generations, cultures, religions and civilizations.

The campaign was flagged off by Member of Parliament Helen David on Jan. 11 from Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari.

The journey is being organized by the Youth Activ8 foundation, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) Commission for Youth, Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) among others.

Ms. Antony said the journey aims to sensitize the youth toward the issues plaguing the country and the world. She said the 30-member team will cover 4,000 villages in 18 states and present programs in 100 educational institutions and 150 public places during their 61-day journey.

The team led by ICYM President Ravi Raunak Robin will end its journey in New Delhi on March 13, she added.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jago Yuva Bharat Yatra – A Youth Led Campaign

From Kanyakumari To Kashmir, Launched On 12th January 2011 To Celebrate The Un International Year Of Youth 2010-2011 

NEW DELHI: On the occasion of International Year of Youth, Youth Activ8 Foundation AND Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM),  launched JAGO YUVA BHARAT YATRA – A youth Led Campaign from Kanyakumari  on 12th January 2011 (National Youth Day and 149th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda the role model of Young people in India). The Inauguration and flagging of the Yatra will be an electrifying event with speeches, musical performances, videos and songs in Social Theme.  The UN International Year of Youth began from 12 August 2010 to 11 August 2011 under the theme “dialogue and mutual understanding”.

The Youth led Campaign in the name of Jago Yuva Bharat Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir (K2K) is also to commemorate the 25th year of the UN declaration of the first International Youth Year in 1985. The Yatra & Campaign will focus and sensitize the community on the theme “Youth for Peace & Harmony through Dialogue and Mutual Understanding” with thrusts are Environment, Climate Change, MDGs & Youth led developments. The Campaign will begin on 12th of January 2011 from Kanyakumari (National Youth Day) and will journey through 18 states, 367 districts and 4000 villages with programs in 100 and above colleges, institutions and 150 public places in 61 days till Kashmir and then culminate in Delhi with a three days Youth Festival from 11th -13th March, 2011.

The Yatra aims to promote the ideals of peace, respect for human rights and solidarity across generations, cultures, religions and civilizations. In the country in which different peoples and traditions are coming closer, more frequent contact than ever before, it is crucial that young people learn how to listen intently, empathize with others, acknowledge divergent opinions and be able to resolve conflicts.  It will lay emphasis to include young people in policies, programmes and decision-making processes that benefit the future and our nation.
Nearly half of the Indian Population is Young below 30 years of age that is 550 million youth- equivalent or more to western Europe +the USA together. Jago Yuva Bharat Yatra will call young people to take up the opportunity to highlight the contributions that youth are making to society, and to advance their full and effective participation. It will call on the governments, decision making bodies, corporate and  leading individuals to take action for the youth people, who face the challenges of limited access to resources, health care, education, training, employment and economic opportunities. As the world confronts many, often overlapping, crises, including financial and other socio-economic challenges, investing in and partnering with youth is key to finding sustainable solutions.

Youth Activ8 Foundation appreciates the United Nation for adopting resolution 64/134 and proclaiming the Year, United Nations Member States confirmed the importance the international community places on integrating youth-related issues into global, regional and national development agendas.  To guide its efforts during the Year, the United Nations is focusing on three overarching objectives: increasing commitment and investment in youth; increasing youth participation and partnerships; and increasing intercultural understanding among youth and youth Activ8 Foundation will call attention on the same and ask the young people to make noise and shout “OUR YEAR OUR VOICE” until it reaches to the power corridors.

Youth Activ8 Foundation would also like to request Government Bodies, Organizations, NGOs, CSOs, Media houses, Corporate, Colleges, Schools, parents and individuals to encourage the youths to participate or attend the Campaign and help them to explore capacities to work in a team for a better society and environment.