Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goerge Dixon Elected to Committee on World Food Security of FAO

George Dixon, former State President of KCYM, has been elected to the Committee on World Food Security or CFS, an intergovernmental body under the Food and Agricultural Organization or FAO of the United Nations. It is for the first time, an Indian is elected to the CFS. Dixon, who is a resident of Thalaserry, Kerala, was the former councilor of Thalaserry Municipal Corporation and a teacher in St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Thalaserry.

CFS, which is chaired by Dr Noel D. de Luna from Philippines, has a total of 22 members. Among the 22 members, 11 represent different nations, seven members are representatives of various organizations and four are elected from the civil society representatives. Grorge Dixon along with the founder president of African Farmers Union Mammedo Sisakka from Senegal, International Food Sovereign Committee representative Biyatris Kaskow (Spain) and Oxfam international representative Christhler (England) are the representatives elected from among the civil society representatives.

Dixon, 37, is now working as the World President of MIJARC or Mouvement International de la Jeunesse Agricole, which is head quartered at Brussels, Belgium. The movement, started in the year 1954 is spread in 45 nations across the Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Australia. This catholic youth organization that works in the rural agricultural sector has more than 20 lakh youth activists. MIJARC also have consultative membership in various United Nations Committees like UNESCO, FAO, ILO and ECOSOC. 

For the last five years, Dixon has been participating in the FAO meetings. He was a member of the open forum coordination committee of World Food Summit, which was held in 2009.

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