Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Onam

Here comes another Onam, the festival of flowers, with sweet memories to cherish and lots of good expectations. On this occasion, KCYM Family wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous Onam.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Congregation to Focus on Youth

A new religious congregation for men is to strive for the development of young people in villages of eastern India, says the archbishop of Calcutta. 

The Adoration Brothers of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was established in Krishnagar on June 11 when Archbishop Lucas Sirkar accepted five men to join it. Their charism is to pray and to work, he said. 

The men, aged between 20 and 27 from Krishnagar diocese, call themselves Sadhan (prayerful or ascetic) Brothers. They will work to train youths in vocational skills such as cattle-rearing, carpentry, farming, welding, pisciculture and driving, said Archbishop Sirkar. These youths will then be assigned to villages to develop local communities. 

The 74-year-old prelate said congregation members will not be able to work full-time in schools and hospitals as they need to spend three-and-half hours in daily prayer and Eucharistic adoration. Their spirituality will be that of “contemplation in action,” he said.

Archbishop Sirkar is no newcomer to establishing religious congregations. He founded the Adoration Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with six young women, in 1986 when he was bishop of Krishnagar. ts 80 members now work in Krishnagar and Calcutta.

He said the two congregations would not seek pontifical status as they were founded to serve the local Church. They will also be self-supporting and would not rely on the diocese, he said.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata once asked him to have Religious engaged in Eucharistic adoration in each parish. The two congregations are his answer to her request, he said.

Courtesy - Julian Das, Kolkata, UCANews

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Sr. Ancy Antony

KCYM family welcomes Sr. Ancy Antony UMI as our State Assistant Director. Our prayerful wishes for all her future endeavors. Sr. Ancy is a member of Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese. She was the former diocesan youth animator. Sr. Ancy was working in a school as a teacher before she was appointed as KCYM State Assistant Director. The KCYM Half yearly senate that was held at Shanthinilayam, Thiruvalla, offically welcomed Sr. Ancy to the KCYM family.

Let us all remember KCYM and its activities in our daily prayers.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Wishes

KCYM family wishes Bp. Vincent Samuel, KCBC Youth Commission Chairman, happy birthday. May god almighty give him long life. Bp. Vincent will turn 60 years today.

Earlier on August 06, 2010, the KCYM celebrated Bp. Vincent's sixtieth birth anniversary in the state half yearly senate held at Shanthinilayam, Thiruvalla.

Monday, August 9, 2010

KCYM State Half Yearly Senate Concludes

The 32nd KCYM state half yearly senate concluded at Shanthinilayam, Thiruvalla. The senate that was held on August 6, 7, 8, 2010 concluded with the reporting session and discussion. The three day senate was conducted to discuss and evaluate the last six month activities of Kerala Catholic Youth Movement. There was also a discussion on the future programs of KCYM.

The senate in which senate members from the 30 catholic dioceses participated, was inaugurated by George Dixon Fernandez, World President MIJARC on August 7, 2010. Johnson Sooranad , KCYM state general secretary delivered the welcome note for the meeting which was presided by Deepak Cherkott, KCYM State President. Fr. Jaison Kollannur delivered the introductory address, while His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos, Arch Bishop of Thiruvalla, delivered the benedictory address. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mulamoottil, Principal MACFAST, Rev. Fr. Varghese Angadiyil, Director, MCYM Tiruvalla, Presanth Kurian, President, MCYM Tiruvalla, Sr. Ancy Antony, Asst. Director KCYM, Godfrey Henry, ICYM Representative and Eji Parapattu, Former State President, KCYM felicitated the inaugural meeting. Sr. Ancy Antony, newly appointed KCYM state assistant director was welcomed by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos.

Earlier the day began with the holy mass, which was offered by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos. The state senate also paid homage to KCYM Bathery diocese treasurer Shibu Kunju, who passed away last month.

A session on ‘Youth in Faith for Developed Nation’, the theme of KCYM for the year, was lead by George Dixon Fernandez, World President MIJARC following the inaugural session. In the afternoon, the diocesan reporting session was held where the KCYM diocesan leaders presented the half yearly reports of their activities. The reporting session followed Taize prayer and confession. A cultural evening was also arranged by MCYM Thiruvalla in honor of the senate members. Before the day’s activities came to an end, a group discussion was arranged where the senate members discussed about the theme and thrust for the next activity year.

The following morning, August 8, 2010, began with the holy mass by Rev. Fr. Tom Puthenkalam, Chancellor of Archdiocese of Changanacherry. A question and answer session followed the holy mass, which was presided by Deepak Cherkott. After the tea break the half yearly report of KCYM state committee was presented by Johnson Sooranad, which the senate approved with amendments. In the concluding session, the resolutions on various social and political issues were presented and approved by the senate.

For photos of the senate Click Here

Friday, August 6, 2010

KCYM Celebrates 60th B'day of Bp. Vincent Samuel

The 32nd KCYM state half yearly senate celebrated the 60th birthday of Bp. Dr. Vincent Samuel. Bp. Vincent, who is the KCBC Youth Commission Charmian for the last 12 years, will turn 60 years on August 10th. The felicitation function was held at Shanthinilayam, where the KCYM state half yearly senate began today at 5 PM.

The senate representatives from the 30 catholic dioceses across Kerala, who attended the function wished Bp. Vincent by giving him a flower each. As a token of love from the KCYM family, Fr. Jaison Kollannur, State Director of KCYM gave a memento to the youth commission chairman, after which the birthday cake was cut by Bishop.

KCYM state president  Deepak Cherkott, Fr. Jaison Kollannur, MIJARC Kerala representative Jomy Joseph and MCYM Thiruvalla Archdiocese director Fr. Vargheese Angadiyil felicitated on the occasion. After the felicitations, Bp. Vincent addressed the senate and expressed his gratitude for arranging a meeting to celebrate his 60th birthday celebrations.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KCYM State Half Yearly Senate to be Held at Thiruvalla

The 32nd State Half Yearly senate of Kerala Catholic Youth Movement will be held in Shanthinilayam, Thiruvalla from August 6, 2010 to August 8, 2010. Youth representatives from the 30 catholic dioceses in Kerala will participate in the three day senate, which will be hosted by KCYM, Thiruvalla Arch Diocese. The senate is scheduled to start at 5 PM on August 6, 2010.

On the second day, August 7, 2010, the half yearly senate will be officially inaugurated by George Dixon Fernandez, World President, MIJARC. His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos, Arch Bishop of Thiruvalla, will deliver the benedictory address. The inaugural session will be presided by Deepak Cherkot, KCYM state president. Fr.Jaison Kollannur, KCYM state director will deliver the introductory address.

The senate which spans for three days will discuss various activities of the KCYM state committee in the last six months. As the elections for the local bodies are nearing, it is expected that a favorable decision regarding the candidature of catholic youth in the elections will be formed in the senate. Activity reports from the 30 dioceses will also be presented in the senate.

The senate will conclude on August 8, 2010.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goerge Dixon Elected to Committee on World Food Security of FAO

George Dixon, former State President of KCYM, has been elected to the Committee on World Food Security or CFS, an intergovernmental body under the Food and Agricultural Organization or FAO of the United Nations. It is for the first time, an Indian is elected to the CFS. Dixon, who is a resident of Thalaserry, Kerala, was the former councilor of Thalaserry Municipal Corporation and a teacher in St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Thalaserry.

CFS, which is chaired by Dr Noel D. de Luna from Philippines, has a total of 22 members. Among the 22 members, 11 represent different nations, seven members are representatives of various organizations and four are elected from the civil society representatives. Grorge Dixon along with the founder president of African Farmers Union Mammedo Sisakka from Senegal, International Food Sovereign Committee representative Biyatris Kaskow (Spain) and Oxfam international representative Christhler (England) are the representatives elected from among the civil society representatives.

Dixon, 37, is now working as the World President of MIJARC or Mouvement International de la Jeunesse Agricole, which is head quartered at Brussels, Belgium. The movement, started in the year 1954 is spread in 45 nations across the Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Australia. This catholic youth organization that works in the rural agricultural sector has more than 20 lakh youth activists. MIJARC also have consultative membership in various United Nations Committees like UNESCO, FAO, ILO and ECOSOC. 

For the last five years, Dixon has been participating in the FAO meetings. He was a member of the open forum coordination committee of World Food Summit, which was held in 2009.